Max goes international!

In May 2018 work was sending me to Vienna, Austria, and though Becky and I have been there a number of times, we wanted to go as a family for the first time, and give Max his first taste of international travel.
From the minute we landed, he knew he was on vacation, and you could see his excitement. We rented a small, but lovely apartment less than 30 minutes walk from the city center. It really was lovely, and I’d be happy to recommend it to anyone traveling that way.
We spent the days wandering the parks and museums, Max in tow, taking everything in. The food was delicious, the beer was crisp, and the coffee was superb. I really do love this country.
And no visit to Vienna is complete without beer, and Käsekrainer! Max wanted both.
After 10 days, it was time to say goodbye to this wonderful family vacation, and to the lovely apartment we had rented, and head back home.
Until next time, Vienna.