R&R Addendum – Max’s Photos

Max got a digital camera from Mimi and Bumpa (Rebecca’s parents) a while ago, and he’s never had a good opportunity to use it other than at home and around the neighborhood. It’s a rubberized child’s toy, and the quality is about on par with the first cell phone camera you ever owned, but it has built in filters! Well, I charged it up for this trip, popped in a 32Gb micro SD card, and let him have at it.

I set the correct date and time before the trip, but Max pressed every button on that thing and managed to roll the calendar back, so ignore the incorrect date/time stamp. I can tell you I sorted through, something like 300 photos; mostly pictures of the floor, the back of a car seat, the ceiling, and countless selfies. But after all the sorting, here are the 30-ish best.