R&R Part 3 – Zanzibar

13 – 20 August, 2021

Our final week of R&R was spent in Zanzibar, Tanzania. After all the go-go-go of Nairobi and Safari, we felt like some relaxation at a resort would be the perfect end to a 3-week vacation. The resort was wonderful, and the kids had a great time. Rebecca and I got to relax by the pool, or on the beach, watch the boys play, stare at the turquoise waters, and sip cocktails all day. It was wonderful.

The staff of the resort were all exceedingly friendly, and the boys had a great time playing games with them, and participating in other resort activities. We spent most of our time pool-side, because the beach was a public beach, and like anywhere else in Africa, it was full of hawkers pushing bracelets, wood carvings, sunglasses, and day trips. None of which we were interested in, but they just will not stop bothering you. It was much more relaxing sitting at the pool and watching the boys play games with the staff. They were all quite sad to have to say goodbye the night before our departure.

Zanzibar island itself is interesting because at high tide, the water comes all the way to the cliff-side, and during the daytime it backs out about 5 to 10 meters, exposing lots of sandy beach. It’s a beautiful island, and definitely worth a visit.

On our departure flight, we found out we had all been upgraded, and so the boys got some well earned sleep.